Bryan College Station Chamber of Commerce

The Chamber of Commerce exists with the sole purpose of enhancing the economic well-being of businesses within the Bryan and College Station community. It is a volunteer-driven association that networks the businesses and the professional leaders within the community in order to expand and improve the economy within it. The Chamber of Commerce is not a department of the government, the city, or even the state; it is not a charity, and it is not a private advertising agency. It is not an organization that accepts or receives funding from the outside. It is an association that relies on just its membership dues and any fundraising events.

The Chamber Connections (which is published monthly) is a great way for individuals to stay updated on everything that the Chamber is currently offering. Inside of this publication, individuals can locate information about new members as well as photographs of recent ribbon cuttings. It is also packed full of updates about recent events as well as events expected to occur in the future. Each publication will also feature an editorial from the President of the Chamber that contains an important Legislative update. One of the biggest highlighted benefits of becoming a member of the Chamber is that individuals are likely to double or triple what they spend in membership dues without even attending any of the chamber events and activities.