Bryan Independent School District

The Bryan Independent School District (ISD) is committed to providing a positive educational experience in order to make sure that high school students and post-secondary students are able to be successful in everything that they do. Bryan ISD is committed to providing the community with well-rounded students who are ready to face challenges and step into leadership roles upon graduation. The vision of the district is that children should always come first. They also believe that each and every single child deserved both respect and a quality education. Bryan ISD is committed to making their school district a safe place for students to cultivate their knowledge and skills.

Bryan ISD fully believes in giving children the opportunity and freedom to develop their natural talents, skills, curiosity, and imagination. Bryan Independent School District will never discriminate against students or staff based on their age, race, gender, nationality, religion, socioeconomic standing, non-proficiency in the English language, or disability status. Bryan ISD is a firm believer of all individuals being of equal rights to obtain an education. Not to mention the fact that they believe that an educated person has the power to accomplish anything and everything they want in life. It doesn’t matter what type of person you are because just being a person means you deserve an education by Bryan ISD’s standards.