College Station Independent School District

College Station Independent School District (CSISD) is a great resource for individuals in the education world located in the College Station, Texas area. Individuals can use College Station Independent School District as a way to keep up with all of the latest news stories within the educational communities. For example, if a student at the A&M Texas University wins a huge scholarship, there is sure to be a story posted about it.

CSISD keeps students, staff, and individuals in the community notified of any upcoming events that they should be aware of. For example, if there is an early release for a staff development or if staff and students get a day off for a holiday – the CSISD does a great job of keeping people informed.

Periodically, the superintendent of the school district will take the time to send out all of the school district’s staff members. The purpose of this message is to discuss any issues within the district. Superintendent Eddie Coulson likes to do whatever he can to keep the school district a smooth, happy, and problem free environment for staff, students, and the occasional passersby as well. When the superintendent sends out these messages he tries to do it from a positive point of view. He avoids just stating the problems with in the district. He does his best to highlight some of the recent good things that have happened in the district before jumping right to the problem.